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About Green Key Property Management

Brian, Nancy, and Jeff are neighbors and friends.  They started Green Key Property Management out of the belief that landlords and tenants can have a mutually beneficial and positive relationship, not just antagonistic ones that we always hear about.  And they all agreed that the industry was due for some disruption, especially related to pricing, owner-focused value-adds, and tenant retention.

One day, another realtor friend asked Jeff who manages his properties (he does it himself, of course!), as she was looking for a referral for a client.  That realtor has been in the business for many years and couldn’t think of a reliable, courteous, and professional property manager in the Lake Norman area.  Jeff asked Brian and Nancy the same question, and they had no answer either.  That prompted them to start their own company. Green Key Property Management was born, and named so due to the implicit association with environmental concern, economic profitability, growth, harmony, freshness, fairness, and safety…all things we passionately believe in.

Green Key Property Management Team

Why Us

Townhouse Property Management

We have been tenants, homeowners and landlords at various points in our lives.  Those experiences inform our desire to constantly improve and innovate the property management process for both our own clients and their tenants/residents. 

Property management companies have generally been somewhat staid and stagnant, lacking innovation and creativity, which is especially curious when facing now-giant disrupters like Zillow and myriad cloud-based property management software packages.   Our approach is to leverage the resources and breadth of such innovations to our clients’ and residents’ benefit, offering as many web-based processes as possible.  For example, when a tenant applies for a vacant property, his/her online application and fee submission will automatically launch the appropriate background checks, the results of which will arrive nearly instantaneously in our system.  Leases can be signed & stored electronically, saving time and physical space.  Payments are also done electronically, giving us more time to focus on managing your property and not licking stamps.

While we believe in harnessing the power of the Internet, we also staunchly believe in old-school, personal interaction and gut feelings.  We will interview every applicant and make recommendations to owners based not only on quantitative but also qualitative factors.  The humanity of property management is crucial to long-term relationships with both owners and tenants.    We believe that charging a lease renewal fee to owners is backwards.  Rather, we should offer an incentive for good tenants to stay, whether that be a small gift or a credit towards a minor home improvement of their choice.

Our personal experience has led us to create an innovative pricing matrix for our management services.  Older homes generally require more maintenance, and thus more time.  Newer homes generally require less.  So, we charge less for newer homes.  And we offer significant volume discounts for managing multiple properties belonging to the same owner and in the same geography.  We don’t believe in long-term contracts with owners as we know our customer service and pricing model will ensure your continued business.

Our Team

Jeff Boyd

Jeff Boyd

Jeff bought his first house in AZ in 2003, lived in it for 3 months before moving and renting it out.  What started out as a starter home investment has grown into a passion for real estate.  He now owns and manages three townhouses in Davidson and a single-family house in Madison WI.   Additionally, he orchestrated the purchase of three other homes in the Lake Norman area by his family and manages those as well.  Jeff is also the president of his neighborhood’s self-managed HOA, as well as one of Davidson’s top Airbnb hosts, welcoming more than 200 guests per year to Davidson.

Having earned an MBA in international finance from the Thunderbird School of International Management, Jeff worked in energy, hotels, and philanthropy before launching a South America adventure travel business in tandem with his real estate management portfolio. When not fixing toilets or calling his favorite HVAC company, Jeff can be found exploring new destinations in South America.

Nancy Connolly

Nancy Connolly

Nancy is a native of Long Island, New York. Upon her arrival to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006 with her husband and their three children, she quickly became involved in the Lake Norman community volunteering and actively participating in local events. In 2014 she obtained her real estate broker license and launched her career with the Allen Tate Company. Nancy has a long record of successfully guiding her clients in and around the Lake Norman area with their lease obligations, sales transactions and real estate acquisitions.

Mrs. Connolly is excited to apply her real estate expertise and local market knowledge to broker her clients’ dreams and consistently exceeds their investment goals. Her passion for the industry shows in her professionalism, negotiation and customer services skills, transaction management and long-term relationships built and maintained with vendors and clients alike. Nancy is currently working on her CMCA and other real estate industry designations.

Brian Connolly

Brian Connolly

Born and raised in New York, Brian relocated to North Carolina in 2006. His passion for the real estate industry has grown over the years. Brian’s exceptional commitment and quality service to his clients all stems from serving on the NYC Police Department, where he learned the importance of detail, dedication and professional and ethical responsibility.

Brian’s intimate knowledge of the Lake Norman area has greatly enhanced his success as a real estate broker and property manager. Clients choose to work with Brian because of his integrity, energy, hard work, and creativity.

When not hard at work for his clients, Brian enjoys watching his children’s sporting events, boating, and traveling with his wife Nancy.