Pricing Philosophy

We believe that retention of good tenants is our first priority on behalf of client owners, and our management style and practices are geared towards that goal.  For example, we don’t charge an industry-standard lease renewal fee.  Signing that document is an easy task.  Rather, we suggest to owners that they offer renewal incentives to tenants, like a new dishwasher or fresh coat of paint in a room of their choice.  And we will manage that for free.

Tenant placement should be a fixed fee for any property since the amount of work is fairly consistent across home sizes and rents.  Basing that fee on a percent of, or equivalent to one month’s rent seems excessive.

From our own experience, we know that in general older homes require more TLC and management time.  Newer homes are easier.  So management fees should be less for newer homes. It’s simple math that has been overlooked by the industry.

Lastly, volume discounts have disrupted many an industry and consumers have come to expect them as standard.  Owners of multiple properties should be offered similar discounts. As relationship-focused property managers, we value our own clients and desire to grow with them.


Tenant Placement

Finding the right tenant is crucial.  We will vet them in person and online via various methods to ensure high quality tenant selection.  Our screening process analyzes an applicant’s income, credit score, background, and general fit with the property/owner.  Owners can be as involved as they like or leave final tenant selection to us.


Like most property managers, we will handle rent collection, repairs & maintenance, lease renewals, and any emergency issues. But, unlike others, we will regularly engage with tenants and neighborhoods towards maximizing the rental experience for all involved. Retention of good tenants is paramount.


We know reliable and affordable contractors but are happy to work with yours. Over the years we have built strong relationships with some of the best contractors in the area.  Residents can report maintenance issues 24/7 and, in most cases, they will be dealt with right away or the next morning during business hours.  Emergencies will of course be addressed immediately.


We process rents (and expenses) in real time, meaning our accounting system is synced with our property management system. Every client receives monthly statements that detail rent collection, bill payment, maintenance costs, capital improvements and all other income and expenses, but they can also access this information online anytime.

Tenant Retention

Other property management companies charge a fee for lease renewal; our approach is the opposite. We instead suggest that owners offer an incentive to tenants to stay, ideally in the form of a small home improvement project (painting a bedroom) or purchase of a new appliance.  And we will manage that for free.


When properties are vacant, we will make sure utilities stay on and get billed to us or the owner directly.  If this happens between tenants, there is no charge for our time, but any costs borne by us will be billed without markup to the owner.


We avoid evictions whenever possible, but there are times when they are necessary.  In such cases, we will put forth our best efforts to make sure our clients get possession of their properties as quickly as possible. We work with reputable local attorneys and will appear in court once at no cost.  Future appearances and all expenses are billable.

Fee Structure